The TWI Institute teaches frontline caregivers how to work safer, faster & more efficiently, review these resources to find out how.

Webinar Video: Applying TWI To Address Frontline Healthcare Challenges

In this webinar, TWI Institute Senior Master Trainer Patrick Graupp introduces TWI Job Instruction, illustrates the scaling up of training ability, and provides demonstrations, examples & results achieved in demanding situations; fundamental information for using TWI to solve frontline healthcare challenges.

Article: Preventing Frontline Healthcare Personnel From Bringing Home The Virus

Care within the chaos can come at a price, TWI training in Job Instruction (JI) can help caregivers be more confident that they are not only keeping patients safe but themselves and their loved ones as well.

Article: TWI Institute Addresses Shortage of Skilled Healthcare Staff During the COVID-19 Crisis

As the healthcare community searches for answers to the shortage of people and materials, TWI training represents a solution for rapid skills building in critically important jobs and preventing the spread of infections by healthcare workers and to them. Through an existing and extensive network of experienced trainers, the TWI Institute can mobilize our solution rapidly and at significant scale.

A Track Record Of Success In Healthcare

The TWI Institute has been working side-by-side with healthcare institutions for years delivering transformational results in frontline care. The following statistics represent the averages of documented results from TWI Institute healthcare engagements.


Contact the TWI Institute Healthcare Solutions Team for a strategic assessment to learn how TWI can be applied to build skills, improve safety and stabilize operations for your organization.

Detroit VA Medical Center and TWI Institute Undertake Transformational Job Instruction Improvement Program

While the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has reported policy, process and training concerns for the operations of the national VA Healthcare system, the leadership team of the John D. Dingell VA Medical Center in Detroit has been proactive in building a culture of continuous improvement. The Detroit VA leadership team embarked on a journey of instituting comprehensive lean practices and standardized work processes across the organization to improve operations and quality of care. In conjunction with fostering a strong quality culture within the organization, the team also expanded their horizons to seek specialized professional expertise from the TWI Institute (Contract #36C25019C0225) to help deliver on the organization’s mission.

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Contact the TWI Institute Healthcare Solutions Team for a strategic assessment to learn how you can apply TWI to create effective policies, processes and training programs within your VA Health organization.

The ‘Why’ in TWI Training Can Help Stop The Spread Of COVID-19

The TWI Institute’s step-by-step video of the TWI method of clinically sanctioned handwashing and other infection protection materials, shared in our national public information campaign, can help you better understand the importance of the ‘why’ in TWI training.

Why TWI Institute For Healthcare

Training Within Industry (TWI) is a teaching and learning system focused on people at the point of care. TWI advances the skills, contributions and self-respect of each individual to deliver success for the organization as a whole.

Standardized Work Processes and Job Instruction can be transformational for successfully meeting the operational objectives of large organizations. For healthcare organizations and healthcare professionals, the Training Within Industry (TWI) methodology applied with discipline in healthcare settings has been proven to dramatically increase productivity, drive efficiency, eliminate waste, improve outcomes & assist in the delivery of quality care.

Our Healthcare Solutions Team Knows Your Territory

For the TWI Institute, one size doesn’t fit all. Our Healthcare Solutions Team brings first-hand point-of-care and point-of-learning knowledge along with over 150 years of experience from administration to the front lines of ICU, CVICU, ED, OR, PACU and other procedures and specialties. Our team can advise your team on goal setting, problem solving, teaching, implementation and change and culture management. We’re proud of what our team has done – and still does every day.

Required Reading: Getting To Standard Work In Healthcare

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TWI Institute principal, Patrick Graupp, and co-author Martha Purrier detail the most widely used Training Within Industry (TWI) module, Job Instruction (JI), and explain how JI can facilitate performance excellence and boost employee morale in a healthcare organization. By creating a foundation to achieve standard work in health care, TWI helps tackle the major challenges facing the healthcare industry today.

Get your free copy today. This resource has proved invaluable in helping healthcare organizations understand the vital role of TWI on the frontline of healthcare. The TWI Institute would like to share this knowledge with organizations that are interested in exploring TWI for the first time or are looking to add more depth to their current TWI programs. Please fill out this form, providing your full contact information and accept our free courtesy copy of the book.* »

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A Case For TWI at Baptist

Skip Steward of Baptist Memorial Health Care System and Patrick Graupp of the TWI Institute discuss how Job Methods is used to deliver higher quality patient care.

“The TWI method won WWII by rapidly training unskilled workers to produce materials and supplies needed for the war effort. We’re in a war now and we can use those same methods to up-skill and re-skill volunteers and recalled healthcare staff returning from retirement as well as redoubling our efforts in our on-going important work of helping current healthcare workers to be more productive and safe.”
─ Scott Curtis, President & CEO, TWI Institute

Take The First Step To Solving Your Frontline Challenges

At the TWI Institute, that first step is a TWI Institute Strategic Assessment, a process of focused discovery with your key personnel followed by delivery of a summary analysis and recommendations by the TWI Institute Healthcare Solutions Team.

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